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Triex knows the financing of a business sale is a must and can be one of the most challenging aspects of the entire process of selling a business.  All business buyers are going to want to determine the best financing sources and that requires decades of experience, expertise and having a long-term relationship with the right source for the right deal.  So we believe we have the best resource to find the right financing source for each particular type of business.

The Triex team can be the direct intermediary to complete this financing process.  Triex works directly with Access Business Capital; they have worked with companies in the funding over $200,000,000.00 in the last 7 years, including almost $45 million in 2015.  Their national headquarters is located in Oklahoma.  Access Business Capital is a privately owned financial advisory firm specializing in financing, (also including government loan programs).  Access Business Capital, its principals and its advisors, collectively, have decades of relevant experience in the areas of business financing. 
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"Corporate Acquisition Targets"
Access Business Capital is:

A leading independent business financing consulting firm in Oklahoma with resources across the US

Serve dozens clients annually and work directly with over 30 lenders

90% of all Access Business Capital engagements are related to sourcing the best targeted financing sources

Up to date on the related regulations including the latest US government regulations

The Access Business Capital firm and its associates and advisors are experts in their field.

Clients industries include:

Manufacturing, industrial based businesses, distribution companies, professional services, construction, medical and variety of other businesses. 
Access Business Capital works with Business Brokers, M&A Firms, CPA’s, and Attorneys across the United States.
Access Business Capital offers the following services/consultation to our clients, (alongside the Triex team):




Loan audits

Business plan

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