Triex believes a proper valuation of a business is the starting point for business owners after they decide its time to consider selling their business.  And all business buyers are going to want to determine what they believe is a proper valuation.  So we believe every seller should have a complete and independent valuation done at the onset that can be used by the seller, buyer and the banks and/or other resources used to finance and purchase the business.

The Triex team can be the direct intermediary to complete this valuation process.  Triex works directly with GCFValuation.  Their national headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida.   GCFValuation is a privately owned financial advisory firm specializing in business valuations, fairness opinions and litigation support. GCFValuation, its principals and its advisors, collectively, have decades of relevant experience in the areas of business valuation, investment banking and corporate development.

GCFValuation is:

A leading independent business valuation firm in the United States

Serve approximately 2,000 clients annually

90% of all GCFValuation engagements are Merger & Acquisition related

The client is assured a valuation conclusion is from experienced appraisers who have a solid understanding of the transaction market

The GCFValuation firm and its appraisers belong to the most respected appraisal associations in the country and hold the highest industry designations, making them experts in their field.

Clients include: Wells Fargo, US Bank, Key Bank, Bank of America, Bank United, Bank of the West, among others in addition to Business Brokers, M&A Firms, CPAs, and Attorneys across the United States.
GCFValuation offers the following services to our clients:

Complete Appraisal - Self Contained Report

Complete Appraisal - Summary Report

Calculation of Value

Appraisal Review

Each of these services is explained in detail at

Please follow this link to the GCFValuation website 
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